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Thought Leadership

Rob Tiffany in the Hops

Daring Greatly in 2021

A small group of innovators spent 2021 in the Arena addressing Agriculture 4.0 issues including a rapidly growing population, the scarcity of natural resources, climate change, and food waste using 5G and Industrial Internet of Things technologies.

Digital Twins

Your Next Employee Might be a #DigitalTwin Powered by a #Bot

A company is a collection roles filled by people who are assisted by machines, networks, and software to accomplish tasks needed to achieve the goals of the organization. Can these roles be represented by #DigitalTwins and can #Bots carry out their activities?

Stir the Pot

Stirring the Pot with My First Principles

Stirring a little controversy by comparing my First Principles (things I know to be true) related to building high performing, scalable systems with current conventional wisdom.