IoT Dirty Laundry (Sponsored by ZEDEDA)

Welcome to #IoT Coffee Talk #64 where we chat about #Digital #IIoT #Automation #DigitalTwins #Edge #IoTPL #IoTCL #Cloud #DigitalTransformation #5G #AI #Data #Industry40 & #Sustainability over a cup of coffee.

Grab a cup and settle-in with some of the industry’s leading business minds and technology thought leaders for a lively, irreverent, and informative discussion about IoT in a totally unscripted, organic format.

Your hosts include:

In this sponsored installment, Jason Shepherd, VP of Ecosystems at ZEDEDA, joins us in a discussion about edge computing, the “dirty laundry” dilemma plaguing the IoT, and the need to stay out of the “data path” to realize edge cloud computing and connecting stuff at the edge to the cloud without getting in the way. We also talk about ZEDEDA’s annual conference, Transform 2021.

Check out the agenda and register at It’s free and awesome! Thanks to ZEDEDA for donating to Elevate Our Kids ( to put a laptop and connectivity in the hands of kids in underserved communities so that they can continue to educate themselves and we can close the homework divide. Please donated for a great cause. Check out Elevate Our Kids and give is you can. Thanks!

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