5G IoT Monetization

Welcome to #IoT Coffee Talk #75 where we chat about #Digital #IIoT #Automation #DigitalTwins #Edge #IoTPL #IoTCL #Cloud #DigitalTransformation #5G #AI #Data #Industry40 & #Sustainability over a cup of coffee.

Grab a cup and settle-in with some of the industry’s leading business minds and technology thought leaders for a lively, irreverent, and informative discussion about IoT in a totally unscripted, organic format.

Your hosts include:

In this installment, Leonard is coming at you live from Mobile World Congress LA 2021 in Los Angeles, CA to chat with the team about 5G diving into the trough of disillusionment along with all the IoT hopes and dreams of URLLC, massive IoT and enhanced mobile broadband. Let’s face it, 5G has been a marketing disaster and consumer disappointment. So, we chat about a sober but intent-focused MWC LA and the mindset that the industry needs to cut through the hype and get to brass tacks. Time to get real!

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