5G Brings Speed, Capacity and Innovation – Part One of Reimagining the Future of Business

In part one of this interview with the @Ericsson Head of #IoT Strategy, Kevin Benedict delves into Rob Tiffany’s social media approach, food, wine, and the pandemic way of working all before plunging into the topic of #5G.

5G will change people’s experience with mobile devices, data, content and smart vehicles, smart machines, smart homes, smart cities, and everything else smart that you can imagine.

Participants include:

Top Ten Executives on Social Media

I’m truly honored to represent Ericsson as one of the top ten socially connected executives in the world driving #socialmedia engagement in #tech + #innovation by Onalytica.

It’s a humbling experience to be listed with Elon Musk at TeslaMichael Dell at Dell, Tim Cook at Apple, Sundar Pichai at GoogleWerner Vogels + Sandy Carter at Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Satya Nadella at Microsoft.

Elon MuskMichael DellSandy CarterTim CookSundar PichaiWerner VogelsSatya NadellaRob Tiffany

I take great pleasure in being a teacher and sharing my knowledge of various connected intelligence technologies like IoT, IIoT, Digital Twins, 5G, Edge Computing, Mobile, Sustainability, Climate Action, & others across LinkedIn, Twitter, my Blog, and as a conference keynote speaker.

Congratulations to all the executives in this distinguished list!